Wanting to Care for Each Other: Our True Nature – Lama Tsomo

We all keep saying that we’re all in this together. How does that really work? How can we get past intellectually understanding that and get better at living in that reality? Then we’ll naturally dream up the next economy that will allow us all to thrive. The Tibetan tradition has 4 practices that are 4 avenues by which we can feel the truth of our connection to all. One of them, Tonglen, is a simple compassion practice that has been popular for millennia for good reason. Lama Tsomo will teach us this ancient Tibetan practice that helps us to strengthen that “compassion muscle”. Doing a few minutes of this daily will affect not only our work in the world, but our relationships and personal happiness … because it’s in line with the way things truly are.

This talk was recorded at CoCap 2017 at Impact Hub Oakland, in Oakland California, on October 9-10, 2017.