WilsonRiles AFSC

Wilson C. Riles

Wilson C. Riles ran and was elected to the Fifth District seat on the Oakland City Council in 1979. Wilson
served on the Council until 1992. He is the son of Wilson Riles Sr. who was elected State Superintendent of
Public Instruction for the State of California in 1970. As a Council Member, Riles engineered the City’s
commitment of $1.3 million from the Redevelopment Agency for the schools’ Academies programs. He
was instrumental in the defeat of the INS establishment of a privately run detention facility in Oakland.
Riles was the principal Council member responsible for both Oakland’s Anti-Apartheid Ordinance and
Oakland’s Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance. Wilson served as Regional Director of the American Friends
Service Committee (AFSC), Pacific Mountain Regional Office, from 1991 to 2001. Wilson is the partner of
Patricia St. Onge. He is the father of six daughters and grandfather of seven.