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Mark Beam

Mark Beam

Mark is the inaugural Maverick In Residence at the Kauffman Foundation where he also directs Convening & Engagement. As a social architect, he is passionate about realizing ideas at an ecosystem level integrating vision, innovation, design, culture, collaboration and investment. His experience as

an entrepreneur, impact investor and cultural theorist follows a decade on Wall Street managing big egos and billion-dollar portfolios. He went on to produce a pivotal technology event series in San Francisco just as the Web was born, (New Minds 1998); co-founded the largest annual social impact investment & social entrepreneurship gathering globally (SOCAP 2008); and a festival and platform for social innovation to inspire Mexican youth to solve their own community’s challenges (CATAPULTA 2011).

Mark often looks to Marshal McLuhan for insight into media and technology and to Buckminster Fuller on social architecture and inspiration for his new book on Integrity, set to be published in early 2018. He has been a Member of the Buckminster Fuller Board of Directors for the past decade and has directed his own social architecture firm and creative agency ‘beaming” for nearly 20 years where you can learn more.

Mark calls Kansas City and Oaxaca Mexico home.

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