Marco Vangelisti

Marco is a 100% impact investor with a longstanding commitment to direct local investments. He is a founding member of Slow Money and has been on the leadership team of the Slow Money Northern California Network since 2009. Prior to his shift in focus towards local and sustainable ventures he spent 20 years in the finance industry, where he managed investment equity portfolios on behalf of large foundations and endowments, developed statistical risk models for equity and fixed income markets around the world, and taught portfolio management, asset allocation, and performance and risk analysis at the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Institute of SF.

A Fulbright scholar in Mathematics and Economics at the University of California in Berkeley, an MBA at the Milan-based “Enrico Mattei” school in his native Italy, and a Master of Fine Arts at the intersection of public art and ecology, Marco’s cross-disciplinary, integrative approach to solving complex problems provided the foundation for developing Essential Knowledge for Transition. From his experience as a visual artist to his studies of permaculture design to his role as core advisor for Ecocity Builders, Marco’s reputation as a guest lecturer and author is rooted in whole systems thinking and his ability to make complex concepts accessible to the general public. He is dedicated to democratizing financial literacy and sustainable investing.