Konda Mason

Konda Mason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Oakland, a beautiful co-working space that supports socially engaged entrepreneurs and change makers who are transforming the world. She is proud to be the Program Director of The Runway Project Oakland, a fund designed to fill the “Friends & Family” gap for African American entrepreneurs.  Konda is the co-creator of COCAP, a yearly conference focusing on community wealth building, and building a fair and inclusive local economy, and is a founding member of the Whole Person Economy.  Konda is also on the team of co-creators of The Well-Being In Business Lab – Oakland, a project of prominent business leaders working to bring a deeper level of their humanity to business.  


Konda leads yearly learning journeys to the Ecuadorian rainforest for the Pachamama Alliance, as a way of introducing people to this vital life-giving ecosystem. She is also a Certified Permaculture Designer. Konda teaches yoga and meditation. She sits on the Board of Directors at Sprit Rock Meditation Center, and is on the Advisory Board of the Namchak Foundation’s Learning Circles. She is currently in the 2020 Sprit Rock Teacher Training program.


Konda’s work is informed by Buddhist theory, yoga principles, permaculture design, and the love she received from her amazing family!  Her hope is to witness in her lifetime a world that is economically equitable, socially just and environmentally protected and sustainable.  She believes what is being called for in this moment is nothing short of a Spiritual Revolution.   

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