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Holly Ruxin

Holly Ruxin

Holly stewards Montcalm TCR, a San Francisco-based wealth management firm and certified B Corp, in the blending of expert investing with new economy sustainability and independent vision. In her private client management business, Holly and her team work to guide clients to engage with their wealth by providing services that support their values, needs, and goals in the short and long term, while facilitating a holistic trading flow in impactful and sustainable investments.

Holly also leads Montcalm Capital, an affiliate fund pioneering investments that merge competitive returns with significant positive impact for the world. Montcalm Capital works to restore the relationship between clients and the companies they invest in, creating a win/win equation where clients are empowered to grow their own abundance by participating in the performance and cash flows of companies architecting sustainable futures.

For over twenty years, Holly has managed client assets, led private client teams, and traded in capital markets at Morgan Stanley, Montgomery Securities, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. Holly uses her extensive experience and expertise to create an innovative financial services model that raises capital in a collaborative fashion, customizes client investment portfolios, and creates financial sustainability within a better economic system for all.

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