Ownership: The Next Frontier – Rani Langer-Croager, Derek Razo, Lina Buffington

Moderator: Jenny Kassan

The root of many of society’s interconnected challenges lies within the nature of how we own, finance, and govern our companies. Governance today is often designed to maximize value for shareholders and exclude the interests of other stakeholders. Ultimately the CEOs and founders, even of mission-driven organizations, become beholden to narrow short-term profit and maximizing growth. Companies that care about community capital and shared ownership need tools and resources such as patient financing, clear legal structures, and aligned incentives to enable a company’s purpose to thrive in perpetuity. This session brings together experts and practitioners in collective ownership who are pushing the boundaries for what is possible.

This talk was recorded at CoCap 2017 at Impact Hub Oakland, in Oakland California, on October 9-10, 2017.