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Wanting to Care for Each Other: Our True Nature – Lama Tsomo

We all keep saying that we’re all in this together. How does that really work? How can we get past intellectually understanding that and get better at living in that reality? Then we’ll naturally dream up the next economy that will allow us all to thrive. The Tibetan tradition has 4 practices that are 4…

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The Whole Person Economy – A conversation w/Evan Steiner & Konda Mason

Economic systems and markets are simultaneously beneficial and harmful forces in the world. However, it’s eminently possible for economic systems to provide for all aspects of the individual and society. Not only through financial stability, but also by engendering purpose in people’s lives, promoting healthy lifestyles, and enabling the full expression of the individual. To…

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Ownership: The Next Frontier – Rani Langer-Croager, Derek Razo, Lina Buffington

Moderator: Jenny Kassan The root of many of society’s interconnected challenges lies within the nature of how we own, finance, and govern our companies. Governance today is often designed to maximize value for shareholders and exclude the interests of other stakeholders. Ultimately the CEOs and founders, even of mission-driven organizations, become beholden to narrow short-term…

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Restorative Economics for a Just Transition – Nwmaka Agbo

The emerging New Economy movement has primarily been a conversation of dominant culture people talking to each other about the changes that are needed to move from an economy based on extraction and separation to one based on connection and is regenerative. However, unconsciously, separation by race and class is still underpinning these discussions. Nwamaka…

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Wealth in the Age of We – Charles Eisenstein

What is wealth—not just spiritual wealth but material wealth—as we move past the world-story of domination, competition, and control? How can we practice it now? This talk was recorded at CoCap 2017 at Impact Hub Oakland, in Oakland California, on October 9-10, 2017.

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