A Cosmology of Equity: Understanding Race, Sacred Economics and System Change – Angela Glover Blackwell & Gregory Mengel

Moderator: Rev. Dr. Diane Johnson, PhD

Creating the new economy requires us to realign what we pay attention to, how we engage, tests are assumptions of where power sits and challenges us to why we do this work. This highly engaging session will offer us the opportunity to be in dialogue with two leaders at the forefront of reconceptualizing our economy — Angela Glover Blackwell and Gregory Mengel. Rev. Dr. Diane J. Johnson, Ph.D. will moderate this exploration of how (re)committing to the totality of our human condition, dismantling structural racism and holistic systems change are intricately linked and integral to the building of the WE economy. Our time together will include not only conversation with the presenters but time for interactive audience participation — so be ready to be in dialogue with one another.

This talk was recorded at CoCap 2017 at Impact Hub Oakland, in Oakland California, on October 9-10, 2017.