On Sunday, October 20th, COCAP, in partnership with BALLE, AmbitioUS, and Impact Hub Oakland, kicks off its 6th annual event with a full-day conference. This year’s conference will bring together over 200 local and national innovative cross-sector professionals to engage in conversation and highlight community wealth building innovations that are working toward leveling the playing field.

The theme this year is Nourishing Community Wealth. We will examine a broad range of models and innovations for investment, ownership, and support of local businesses and entrepreneurship that centers equity and prioritizes the local community.

In addition to our full-day conference, this year we are thrilled to partner with local institutions and neighbors to offer interactive workshops aligned with our theme of Nourishing Community Wealth in Oakland and San Francisco.


Sunday, October 20th
At Impact Hub Oakland


Doors Open / Continental Breakfast




Plenary Sessions

  • Decolonizing Access to Capital
  • A Community Model for OZ Investments




Plenary Sessions

  • Funding Strategies for Cooperatives
  • Community Owned Housing and Land




Preview of Solutions Exchange (SOLx) Models


SOLx Case Study Circles - Round 1




SOLx Case Study Circles - Round 2




Bringing it Home




Spark Presentations


Reception and Marketplace


Monday, October 21st
At Impact Hub Oakland


Doors Open


Financing a Movement-Led Economic Enterprise


Reclaiming and revitalizing local economies through an Indigenous community wealth building lens.


Open Lunch


Building Rural Ecosystems


Reinventing the Community Bank System


Tuesday, October 22nd
At Intersection for the Arts


Doors Open


Structuring an Aggregated Community Capital Fund


Equitable Food and Farm Financing


Open Lunch


Shifting Health Capital to Community Wealth


Democratic Ownership and Management


Closing Meet-up



Main Stage Panel Discussions

Inspiring stories from the field will be the launching-off point for this year’s conference. We will hear from leaders who are redefining the role of investment and working towards transferring ownership and power in their communities. Our main stage panel  discussions will lift up what’s working and lessons learned from initiatives that are being implemented across the country.  

Solutions Exchange (SOLx)

The Solutions Exchange (SOLx) is a next-level learning exchange, and we’re excited to offer it as part of our COCAP programming.. SOLx, launched at the BALLE Shift Capital Summit, will feature 10-20 initiatives that reflect critical work already underway in various communities and engage the significant wisdom of CoCap participants. In this small group format, presenters will share early wins and receive input on how to improve existing efforts to move the work forward.


Deep Dive Workshops

After a full day of learning about strategies to build community wealth from the main stage and SOLx circles, we will spend the next two days in workshops that deliver a deeper examination of what it takes to nourish community wealth. These interactive sessions will facilitate applied learning and focus on adaptable models as we consider what can be advanced collectively and in our respective communities.

COCAP Marketplace

The COCAP Marketplace is an opportunity to connect community wealth builders and community wealth holders. Engage further with our presenters and learn about how more organizations are supporting the transition from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy. Community members and funders alike will find opportunities for values-aligned investments.


This high-energy session will highlight field leaders sharing their most passionate and creative inclusive economy work, in five minutes and 20 slides.




Decolonizing Access to Capital

Decolonizing Access to Capital

Entrepreneurs and funders demonstrate what’s possible when we reclaim financial, social, and natural resources in a way that restores, sustains, and benefits all life.

Featuring: Rodney Foxworth, Renee King, David Lidz, Konda Mason, Michelle Thimesch

It Takes an Ecosystem: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Equitable Opportunity Zones

It Takes an Ecosystem

A real time example of a collaborative effort developing across sectors in a Bay Area community to protect against the potential negative impacts of Opportunity Zone investments. 

Featuring: Carolyn Johnson, Jenny Kassan, Marsh Murrington, Sabrina Wu

Funding Strategies for Cooperatives

funding strategies for cooperatives

Moderated by Angie Kim of AmbitioUS, join Ed Whitfield of Fund for Democratic Communities, Janelle Orsi of Sustainable Economies Law Center and others in exploring support and policy at the state and city level as well as specific funds for investing in communities on a local and national level.

Featuring: Angie Kim, Janelle Orsi, Ed Whitfield

Community Owned Housing and Land

community owned housing and land

Community leaders share investment models for housing, community land trusts and land banking to provide affordable access to home ownership. Join us as we delve deep into shared investment models for housing, community land trusts and land banking with industry and community leaders. Join Harper Bishop, PUSH Buffalo and Noni Session, EBPREC in conversation with others, moderated by Nwamaka Agbo.

Featuring: Nwamaka Agbo, Harper Bishop, Noni Sessions

Solutions Exchange

Ampled  | CAST |  Climate Justice Alliance  | Ekvn-Yefolecv | Mission Driven Finance  | Next Egg | People Power Solar | Real People’s Fund  | Runway Project


This high-energy session will highlight field leaders sharing their most passionate and creative work as they tap into their personal power to build power in marginalized communities.

Featuring: Jaime Gloshay, Jennifer Johns, Regan Pritzker, Gavin Raders, Ari Rosenberg, Lauren Ruffin, Astrid Scholz, Vinitha Watson

MC: Rodney Foxworth


Deep Dive Sessions

Financing a Movement-Led Economic Enterprise

Uncover what it takes to create a community driven development project with Restore Oakland, a community advocacy training and restorative justice center.

Featuring: Nwamaka Agbo, Kelly Ehrenfeld, Zachary Norris


Reclaiming and Revitalizing Local Economies through an Indigenous Community Wealth Building Lens

Transform systems and create regenerative and restorative economies through indigenous knowledge and wisdom with three Indigenous founders. 

Featuring: Jaime Gloshay, Stephanie Gutierrez, Vannessa Roanhorse


Building Rural Ecosystems

Create an ecosystem of support for rural communities, from investments in soil health, regenerative agriculture, and food systems to economic development collaboratives.

Featuring: Eduardo Gonzales, Esther Park


How to Transform the Banking System: Solutions from the Frontlines

Take on the lack of access to responsible capital, consumer protection, and funding inequity in the financial sector through solutions for better banking and fair institutions with leaders from three community banks.

Featuring: Erin Kilmer Neel, Malia Lazu, Annie McShiras


Deep Dive Sessions

Structuring an Aggregated Community Capital Fund

Get the nuts and bolts of how to aggregate community capital as a tool for closing the racial wealth divide and building power in communities.

Featuring: Brian Beckon, Pierre Joseph, Nina Robinson, Nate Schaffran, Sabrina Wu 


Equitable Food & Farm Financing

Explore new models of financing that are emerging to sustain food systems with leaders who support small farmers, provide financing and TA support for microentrepreneurs, and structure alternative forms of ownership.

Featuring: Mariela Cedeño, Anthony Chang, Neil Thapar 


Shifting Health Capital to Community Wealth

Redefine community well-being and move traditional healthcare dollars into grassroots models like a community wealth ecosystem and job creation center.

Featuring: Sonia Sarkar, D’Artagnan Scorza, Ana Siria Uruza 


Democratic Ownership & Management

Learn how to organize a business around shared power in decision making and governance, and plan for business succession in a way that maintains local jobs and builds opportunity.

Featuring: Rebecca Bauen, Tomȧs Duran

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